How To Know Your Soul Contract

A soul contract is an agreement between two souls which serves their own individual higher purpose in this life. This is all to know, soul arrangements are NEVER in support of individual higher purpose. There are absolutely no soul arrangements which don’t serve and only the souls created the contract with the intention to guide, teach and assist the other souls in this world to do their life purpose. The higher self never agreed to the creation of this contract with any one soul. All that is required to get a soul contract functioning is to be aware of the intention of the parties involved in the transaction. You must at least be open to what the other party desires in the event that you want to enable your spirit to evolve.

One way to assist the soul contract procedure is to be very clear about your karma, particularly in this life. You must be completely open to your past lives and the choices that you made and at what time. If you are unclear about your karma in this life, that is okay, it’s perfectly okay to be unclear about your past lives. There’s nothing bad or bad about being unsure about your Karma, however, it may be detrimental to your progress in this life. Know what your past-life choices led to now, and allow your soul to follow these paths as it evolves.

There are many ways that the choices you make today can affect your future and people around you. It’s important to remember that everyone has free will to choose how they live their own lives, but some people chose to make certain decisions and then return at the consequences of those choices in their spirit level. If your choices aren’t congruent with your soul goals, those choices will continue to affect you and those around you in your lifetime. You can’t control other people’s actions or choices, but you do have complete control over your own soul contracts.

Some of us are not able to find their soul mates or are unable to sustain successful relationships because they are unable to fully complete the steps in their own soul contract. One essential step to complete any soul contract or to create successful relationships is to be able to communicate with your life partner from the third dimensional realm. You may be able to contact them via email, telephone, or via other ways, but this doesn’t mean that your relationship is based on anything more than a physical link. To be effective in your relationships you have to have the ability to cultivate an intimate bond which spans from the second dimension to the next dimension. Communication is the key to sustaining any soul mates for a lifetime.

Another essential step in the creation of loving relationships in the third dimension is for each of you to make the commitment to move forward on your individual soul agreements. When you take the time and energy to complete your soul agreements you’ll find you will become closer and more unified in the pursuit of your goals. The more time and energy you put into your relationships the more success you will experience.

One way to complete soul contracts in the third dimension is to go through the various kinds of shared lifetimes which exist on your afterlife reality. A lot of people do not fully understand how these lifetimes work, but understanding these lifetimes will greatly improve the quality of your relationships. These types of lifetimes include traveling to multiple time periods in someone’s life. When you travel to these different time intervals you will encounter many distinct lifetimes, often at exactly the exact same time.

Among the greatest challenges for many in the introduction of soul contracts is the way to stay steadfast in their goals and needs while also recognizing that others have different needs and desires. If this sounds like a lot of work you probably have not been living in the third dimensional world enough. To have a thriving soul contract you must learn to work with the multiverse and its multitudes. You must also learn how to be accepting of other people differences as long as these differences do not infringe on your targets. Lastly, you also have to accept that you may make mistakes and learn from them.

Successful soul contracts will require you to live by the example set by previous lifetimes. If you refuse to adapt to new methods of doing things in your life because of what has happened in the past you’ll find yourself trapped in plenty of different life situations. People that are stuck in old habits have a hard time changing and developing in new ways. You can create your current circumstances better but it requires the willingness to change as well as the capacity to change for the better. Being prepared to put forth a personal effort towards making your life better could bring about a really rewarding life.